How to remove a systemd's service?

Disabling a service from systemd:

To disable a systemd’s service the following command can be used:

systemctl stop service-name; 
systemctl disable service-name;
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How to make xmodmap changes permanent?

While using xmodmap to remap meta key with the following command:

xmodmap -e 'keycode 133 = F14'

The change is not permanent, especially on system sleep, resume and reboot

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What is IP Masquerade and how to rule it with iptables?

IP Masquerade is also known as Network Address Translation (NAT) and Network Connection Sharing some other popular operating systems. It is basically a method for allowing a computer that doesn’t have a public Internet wide IP address communicate with other computers on the Internet with the help of another computer sitting inbetween it and the Internet.

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Graphical application to manage iptables (Iptables Editor)


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How to fix mouse cursor flickering or disappearing?

We may encounter mouse flickering or disappearing issue, here are the possible causes and solutions:

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Using a different network interface for a specific application

#1 By injecting a custom library

We can use ld_preload function to force the interface gateway with App-Route-Jail

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