How to disable KDE Wallet for a specific application or globally?

Disabling globally (method 1):

KDE Wallet is a core part of KDE, to disable it run kcmshell5 kwalletconfig5 and continue at step 3 or start from the beginning:

  1. Start System setings
  2. Open Account Details
  3. Go to the “KDE Wallet” tab
  4. Uncheck Enable the KDE Wallet subsystem
  5. Click Apply to apply the changes and close the settings window.

Disabling globally (method 2):

  1. Edit ~/.config/kwalletrc or ~/.kde/share/config/kdwalletrc, and add

     Close When Idle=false
  2. Kill the kdewallet daemon: pkill kdewallet5 (or killall kdewallet5)

Disabling for a specific application (method 3):

To disable kwallet for a specific application you can close the dbus for that application by running it with the following:


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