Text-to-speach from command line

Get speech output from an entered text by using command-line can be achieved with

Python Google Speach :

# require python3-pip/python2-pip and libsox-fmt-mp3 

pip install google_speech

google_speech "Test the hello world"

Svox From Android :

apt-get install svox-pico

pico2wave --wave=test.wav "Test the hello world"
play test.wav

Svox Nanotts :

git clone https://github.com/gmn/nanotts.git
cd nanotts

./nanotts -v en-US "Test the hello world"

Say converts text to audible speech using the GNUstep speech engine:

sudo apt-get install gnustep-gui-runtime
say "hello"

Festival General multi-lingual speech synthesis system:

sudo apt-get install festival
echo "hello" | festival --tts

SPD-Say sends text-to-speech output request to speech-dispatcher:

sudo apt-get install speech-dispatcher
spd-say "hello"

Espeak is a multi-lingual software speech synthesizer:

sudo apt-get install espeak
espeak "hello"

Linked resources:comparison of speech synthesizers, askubuntu QA

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